December 3rd, 2019

Over 2500 years ago, the ancients imagined a place called Arcadia. This was a land where beings greater than humans ascended to and lived in prosperous delight. It was an Eden where spirits and gods gallivanted in ecstasy.

When imagining a setting for Magic Mike Live Australia, the team wanted to create their own mythological land- a modern day Eden where audiences could experience one of the most unique shows on the planet in a venue where every detail has been considered.

The productions of Magic Mike Live in Las Vegas, London and Berlin all have their own unique venues. They are permanent residencies, designed to be in the same location for a decade or more. 

For Australia, the team needed something mobile, so for the past year, the team have been designing and building The Arcadia with the legendary tent building family at Het Spiegelpaleis in Belgium and together they have created the largest Spiegeltent in the world for Magic Mike Live.

The signature element of the two-story glass facade is a metal heart that has hundreds of arrows embedded in it and the glass lobby pours out onto a stunning, heated terrace where guests can come early and enjoy a drink or two. Equal parts intimate and breathtaking, the 600-seat, three-story venue will include a retail store, a box office, an art gallery of Channing’s photography, a custom-built bar for pre and post show drinks and a unique food hall concept where you can sample an array of delicious bites. 

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